The United States economy growth and performance, makes this a perfect moment to invest in this country, including your business creation and development.

Exploring the options to relocate to the US, is the first step to begin the path of relocation in this country. We have lawyers that are experts in this process.

Our goal is to collaborate with US economic growth, by bringing investors to develop projects in different areas. Foreign investment helps the country development and growth by bringing capital directly to the economy.

We have the resources and support team to help you create your company or entity in the United States since the very beginning. We'll give you all what you need to operate, from the EIN (employee id number) until details like the opening of your bank account.


Our lawyers are licensed to work in the United States and other countries in Latin America, and they understand how to help you and build the ideal corporate structure.

We also have a pool of different projects where you can invest and get revenues in the short/mid term.

Please don't hesitate to contact us.